Test the C-MOR Video Surveillance System now

Please select your device from which you want test C-MOR:


Video Surveillance Online Demo for Windows and Linux.    Video Surveillance Online Demo for Apple Mac OS X.    Video Surveillance Online Demo for Windows Tablets and iPads. 
Video Surveillance Online Demo for iPhone.   Video Surveillance Online Demo for Android Smart Phones.    


C-MOR requires no application or driver software to be installed on your viewing device. After choosing one of the options above, C-MOR will immediately open up in your default web browser, and you will be able to view all the live camera images simultaneously and access the stored video recordings for each camera. However, we recommend using the Firefox browser on desktop computers and Android devices since it shows the best results.

Information about the test system:

The video surveillance demo system has 5 cameras connected. Camera "CAM 4" is a PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) camera. C-MOR fully supports PTZ control, enabling operation of the PAN Tilt and Zoom feature from any desktop or mobile device without special software. Experience how easy it is to use the PTZ feature on CAM 4 by viewing the picturesque scenery around Hechingen, Germany. Camera "CAM 5" is a low light/night vision camera which demonstrates that video surveillance can function even in total darkness.

The C-MOR configuration menu covers all the typical configuration settings, including camera configuration and IP address assignment. For further information on C-MOR , its installation, operation or to request access to a dedicated C-MOR test system to learn more about the configuration options please use the C-MOR Contact Form


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