Video Surveillance C-MOR Change Log File

The Video Suveillance Change Log contains a history of the changes made in C-MOR.

 Version   Date  History and Changes
5.21 2020-07-17 Feature update:
Extension of the camera configuration page with search filters for the camera selection. Camera names, descriptions, types can now be searched for when selecting.
New function "Check camera reachability" in the network while entering the camera settings.
Implementation of special character check when entering the camera access data.
5.XX 2020-07-16 Huge Update of Camera Database. Added appr. 800 camera configuration paths.
5.20PL02 2020-06-05 Automatic update of new recordings in camera pages if no day selection was selected for recordings. Motion detections are updated every minute, time-lapse recordings every 10 minutes.
When saving vacation days for the special treatment of time recording tables, a message for the successful saving now appears.
The global mail settings in System Administration can now be completely deleted, in the unlikely event that mails from C-MOR should no longer be sent.
Programming code optimization for fewer warning messages in the log files.
5.20PL01 2020-04-28 Improvement of the mobile pages for Android in such a way that the C-MOR web behaves like an App when the Mobile Web URL is added to the start screen. The C-MOR pages are started without web navigation, so that the live view is shown in a larger view like an App.
Design improvement Stream mode buttons in the upper right corner of the C-MOR Web.
Resolution of the preview images in the C-MOR quick start page increased in quality to 90% for a better detailed display.
Fixed the bug that @ characters could not be used for the SMTP send address.
5.20 2020-03-17
Major optimization update with new smartphone livestream:
New C-MOR video live stream technology, saves network resources and is faster, streams are already rendered by the new C-MOR-Stream by C-MOR and only streamed in the set image size. This means that the network load is significantly lower. The old Script-Stream method is no longer available from this version. New is the C-MOR-Stream now.
For the new C-MOR-Stream, stream delays can be configured more granularly, in steps of 100ms within one second, then in seconds. The stream delays also reduce network and system loads on the C-MOR and PC side. In this context, recordings are downloaded faster when the live streams are open.
Optimization of the live image display on mobile devices; Streams are now shown larger on iPhones and Android phones and no longer fixed with a maximum of 640 pixels wide.
The live streams in the mobile pages now support the turning of the smartphones; Streams are displayed larger or smaller when rotated. Android and iPhones now show larger livestreams.
On the website, when calling up via iPhone and Android phones, links to the mobile pages are now shown for easy access to these pages.
5.14PL12 2020-03-01 Fixed bug in email address verification.
Order of menu items in system administration changed, reboot / shutdown moved down.
HTML code fixes.
Additional navigation buttons for camera activation / deactivation.
Improved user information when activating maintenance mode.
5.14PL11 2019-12-02 Errors in SFTP management, cameras were sometimes not unlocked when access was granted.
Input check user names and passwords for non-allowed special characters.
5.14PL10 2019-10-28 Chrome Correction Snapshot Preview Appearance after Google Chrome Update. Day selection was shown next to preview picture instead above after update.
5.14PL09 2019-09-24 Improved graphics cards support for installation on newer hardware servers.
5.14PL08 2019-09-16 Text console improved, CTRL-C password entry temporarily resulted in missing text output
Improvement of license upgrade, with 15 existing camera licenses activation of further camera licenses is no longer offered
Troubleshooting Camera Single Streams under Windows; right picture border was truncated in MJPEG mode.
Camera single streams improved for Windows users; different treatment of 3:4 image formats so that no video borders are displayed.
5.XX 2019-08-13 Added URLs for various Foscam, Hikvision, TP-Link, Trendnet, Vivotek and Zosi Cams
5.14PL07 2019-07-22 Recommended security update:
Fixed possible TCP-SACK problem; Manipulated TCP packets could crash C-MOR.
TLS Update, Support for TLS 1.2 and modifying Web Server Configuration so Firefox 68 does not show C-MOR pages as insecure.
Fixed an error in preview pictures for screen mask configuration. In some configurations the live snapshot has not shown the current cam view.
5.14PL06 2019-07-06 Fixed bug in start page, distances between camera streams vary in size for C-MOR servers with 12 or more cameras.
Optimize livestreams for Google Chrome browsers on Mac OS X.
Fix scrollbar issues on Chrome browsers on Mac OS X.
General system adjustments for Stacking Module V2.
5.14PL05 2019-05-27 Live streams of the start page optimized for script stream first frame, display in calculated stream size instead of fixed default 320px width. On slow connection or set script stream delay the start was "jumpy".
Fixed errors in camera page; If Stream can not be read by the camera, the error message "Retrieving Stream" was output in 0px X 0px that showed a broken image
Improved the design in several websites. Buttons aligned horizontally and layout optimized
Improved design of camera configuration page
5.XX 2019-05-22 C-MOR Stacking Version 2 with improved mobile stacking display released.
5.14PL04 2019-04-24 Modified iPhone pages for IOS 12.2 Password Manager changes
Various, small fixes in e-mail alerts and web interface
Link to the desktop view on mobile pages opens now in a new window, for better navigation on smartphones
C-MOR boot process accelerated, DNS server checks taken out
System Status page faster opening in case of error due to shorter timeout for camera availability checks
Improved display of the smartphone overview page for users who do not have access to recordings
Hide buttons in the live stream page in mobile view when access to recordings is not allowed
User configuration improved; Camera table now includes the camera location for easier user rights assignment
Optimization of SSL certificate management; Activation buttons are now active even if no certificate has been reloaded
Improved navigation with temporary stream type selection; Selected stream was lost when calling selection page
Recording start function from external devices generally integrated in C-MOR (start-recording.pml , start-recording-15s.pml, stop-recording.pml)
5.XX 2019-03-29 Added Cam Pathes for Amovision, Ezwiz, Kodak, Olympia and Axis FLIR Cams.
5.14PL03 2019-02-22 Usability improvement in camera pages. The last 20 recordings are displayed up to 3 years back, if no period is selected (e.g. simple click to camera page)
Fixed camera failure alarm error for RTSP streams. The successful restart of recording after failure was not reported by e-mail.
5.14PL02 2019-01-08 Security Fix Web and SFTP Interface
Fixed Mobile Page Logout and Link to Desktop which did not work always behind Reverse Proxy
5.14PL01 2018-12-21 Hotfix for Firefox streaming issues. Livestreams in C-MOR recordings will most likely be stopped after Firefox update when downloading video recordings.
5.14 2018-12-19
New C-MOR Start Page with variable, big video streams. The stream size now automatically adjusts to the size of the browser window.
New single-stream browser windows with variable, large single streams, depending on the size of the browser window.
Second index page with fixed camera stream sizes increased from 240 pixels to 320 pixels standard width.
Deactivation of Java streams wg. lack of support in current browsers.
New warning when Java Script is disabled as it must be enabled for use.
Support for SSD hard disks for new installations introduced, Swap use in system status page (existing C-MORs can be adjusted manually by our support via remote maintenance).
Introduction of new hardware models based on SSD hard drives and larger HDD hard drives.
Fixed One Tap Button appearance in Internet Explorer
Correction Configuration parameters for timelapse recording, current recording was not played when restarting the recording.
False active links to disable cameras disabled.
New graphical background display, if cameras are deactivated due to the time tables in order to generally improve the surface visually.
Several small code improvements.
5.13 2018-11-21 Provided new Android Touch logo to create the home button on current Android phones
Add direct link to live view in mobile pages with motion detection and time-lapse recordings
Correction of number of recordings select form in desktop pages
HTML code corrections user management for correct display in Internet Explorer and Edge
Faster save and restart after camera configuration settings
Introduction of new buttons for direct selection of recording days in all pages (desktop, iPhone, mobile / Android)
Reduction of the recordings listing of the selected day, instead of dispalying all from the current date
Days of recording are now dependent on retention times, a maximum of 30 days in desktop, 15 days in mobile pages
Configuration of IP cameras with empty username und password enabled
New function Auto reset the console if IP address settings have been completely misconfigured
5.XX 2018-10-27 Added Cam Pathes for Foscam, Sony and Wansview Cams.
5.12PL01 2018-10-15 Bug fixing, broken links for listing several days in camera page.
5.12 2018-10-04 New SFTP download feature implemented. Video Recordings can now be synchronized via SFTP or manually downloaded
New function country flag can be hidden on the top right
Mandatory Text "Recorded with C-MOR" removed from free version
Improved navigation in mobile pages
Smaller Button Fixes
5.11PL03 2018-09-12 New motion snapshot preview, videos are now played up to 120 seconds or 120 frames in fast motion
Performance optimization Motion snapshot preview
Design bug fixing in mobile and iPhone pages
Improved presentation of live image on mobile and iPhone pages in case of camera failure
5.11PL02 2018-08-18 New boot loader configuration for C-MOR installer. Included new hardware drivers for direct installation on hardware servers, improved USB3.0 support.
5.11PL01 2018-08-15 Add Backup Delete feature for system camera backups
Fixing errors; wrong output camera configuration parameter "Number of frames per second in live view"
Fix in Notification when new C-MOR version is available
Introduction maintenance mode, change of terms to avoid irritation
Better appearance recording error or disabled recordings in mobile pages
Improved navigation for user delete function
Hid displayed camera login data in error log
Minor bug fixes in HTML code
Set default config parameter Framerate to 5 frames per second
5.XX 2018-06-25 Added URLs for Foscam, Trendnet and Vivotek cams.
5.11 2018-05-03 Support SSL / HTTPS encryption for camera streams. In Camera Configuration HTTPS can now be selected as stream protocol in addition to HTTP.
Correction in repeating camera failure warning, hourly warning did not work in all cases.
5.XX 2018-04-11 Added more URLs for Bosch, Dahua, Hikvision etc. to camera configuration.
5.10 2018-03-05 New, improved user management within the system administration
Introduction of display names (first and last name) for users
Warning pop-up message before final deletion of a user
Replacement of IFRAMES in video recording tables with DIV containers for larger previews and movies
New enhanced preview pages with configurable thumbnail sizes (thumbs with 142, 190, and 284 pixels) and previews (Motion Snapshot Preview with 200, 240, 280, and 320 pixels)
Improved Motion Snapshot preview for time-lapse shooting, multi-column output when only time-lapse videos are selected
Optimization web interface for iPads, callable for iPad screen, zoomable
Optimization mobile interface for iPhones, call fitting for iPad screen
Bug fixing in automatic delete function
Improved Motion Snapshot Preview for time-lapse recordings, preview interval appropriate to recording interval
5.XX 2018-01-23 Added more URLs for Vivotek, Axis, Hikvision and INSTAR to camera configuration
5.01PL05 2018-01-05 Fixed a link to single frames for motion detection recordings. Link is only displayed when single image recording is enabled
Multiple html code fixes
Several navigation buttons exchanged so that form data is kept
Fixed bug in PTZ configuration. PTZ URLs can now include quotes, etc.
Direct links to the camera web interface improved. If recorded via known streaming ports, the camera will now be linked to port 80 of the camera instead of the streaming port
System Status page links to the update URL for admin users when new version is available.
One-time info email when new version is available
Initial language selection German/English introduced in web interface and VGA console
Navigation enhancement, mouse-over text display, which shows user the use of combinging multiple download videos as one
5.01PL04 2017-11-27 Fixed Error in load display in system status page. Very high load was not displayed.
Fixed SSL certificate activation bug. In some cases a new certificate could not be activated.
Extension of the system text console with SSL switching function if C-MOR is no longer accessible over web.
Improved display of network data in the system text console.
Single-stream window cursor scrolling feature fixed after Firefox update to make scroll keys working in all browsers. Function is needed at high resolution live views which do not fit on the screen.
Modifications for Safari browser, lower edge of live view was truncated in single stream windows.
Fixed bug in English PTZ configuration page that was displayed in wrong language.
Camera failure alert emails now contain the IP address of the affected camera.
Improved mobile home page, camera overview. Consolidated overview for users who are not authorized for all cameras.
5.01PL03 2017-09-19 E-mail sending improvements with Exchange 2016 servers and other e-mail servers. Alarm e-mails were partially discarded by the mail servers.
small troubleshooting in the e-mail store page.
5.01PL02 2017-09-11 Critical error fixing in delete function, too many continuous recordings have been deleted in some cases in single recording delete page
5.XX 2017-08-25 Added Reolink IP cameras to the configuration database
5.01PL01 2017-08-03 Improvement in handling motion detection mask, live image is displayed in configuration even no mask was uploaded
Corrected HTTPS logout in iPhone website
Corrected script stream delay: Delay did not always work for iPhone and Android smartphones
Output of camera number in warning messages when camera fails
5.XX 2017-06-06 Added Samsung and many other cameras to configuration database
5.01 2017-05-26 Final version with new partition table to install C-MOR with storage larger 2TB with a special installation guide
Fixed wrong listing of backup files for C-MOR with more than 9 cams
CSS extensions for buttons in motion detection mask and stream selection
Correction of various buttons, wrong height
Improved navigation in setting deldays in System Administration and saving motion detection mask
Optimizing E-Mail Subject to have a better overview which camera sent the alarm email
Fixed version update check, new version availability indication did not work
5.XX 2017-04-24 Added RTSP Sinocam to camera configuration database
5.00PL01 2017-03-20 Pre-Version with new partition table for installations with storage space larger than 2TB (previously only possible via za-internet)
Published VMware Image with VMware Management Tools
This version is not available as an update
5.00 2016-11-14

Finale Version of C-MOR Video Surveillance V5.00 after a long testing period
New, easier camera licensing
Fixed some small errors
Changed E-Mail Alarm Attachments to MP4
Improved Log out put in System Status page

5.00beta13 2016-10-30

Improved software installer with better USB device support
New Kernel for better hardware support and security fix
Direct hardware installation support
Released USB stick version for improved direct hardware installation

5.00beta11 2016-10-21

Implemented new Kernel V4 for better support of newer server hardware
Fixed typos
Fixed logic error in shutdown page

5.00beta10 2016-10-18

Fixed some SSL issues
Display status of 30 days trial license
Added shutdown option if disclaimer is declined

 5.00beta09   2016-10-15  Implementation of SSL certificate management including upload function and CSR / key generation
Online check for new versions
Fixed typos
Switched web passwords to MD5 encryption for more security and password length greater than 8 characters
This beta version is also a stable version
5.00beta08 2016-09-05 Released new version with improved time-lapse recordings
5.00beta07 2016-08-30 Revised beta version
Fixed beta version error
Added new parameters for bandwidth saving in video live streams
Larger log display and output in system status page
Improvements for stability
This Beta version is a very stable version
5.00beta04 2016-08-25 New C-MOR version 5 with support for RTSP, MPEG4 and H.264 cameras. New settings for cameras. Support of many camera models which were not supported under V4.





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